HLS Students Only: National Library Week Fun and Games

HLS Students Only: National Library Week Fun and Games

It’s National Library Week! To celebrate, we have three activities for you this week.

Note: to be eligible to win prizes, you must be a currently enrolled Harvard Law School student. We will contact the winners of activities 1 and 2 the week of April 19.

1. Become mayor of the HLS Library on Foursquare.

From our previous post:
For our first activity, we will award a $25 Harvard Book Store gift card to the HLS student who is mayor of the HLS Library on Foursquare at 4:00pm on Saturday April 17. For the best chance to win, start checking in now! There are Foursquare apps for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Palm devices. Don’t have one of those? You can also check in via SMS.

Note: you should, of course, keep safety in mind when checking in with Foursquare (especially if you’re studying overnight in a library, for example) and check in “off the grid” if you prefer not to broadcast your location.

2. Tell us your best lawyer joke on our fan page on Facebook.


Come on, we know you heard some when you got accepted to law school. And we bet some of them made you laugh. Tell us your favorite one on our Facebook wall, and the joke that has the most “likes” on Saturday April 17 at 4pm will win a $25 Harvard Book Store gift card.

3. Find the gnome

image Each day this week, there will be a short scavenger hunt for Mr. Gnome, who will be hiding somewhere in the Library. Three or four clues will lead you to him. On the trail, we will remind you of library tips you might have forgotten since your 1L or LLM tours, show you some new tools we offer, and show you some cool things around the building that you can point out when you have family or friends visiting.

For the first clue, check the circulation desk every day after 11am. The prize for finding Mr. Gnome each day will be a $10 gift card to Peet’s Coffee & Tea. You can work together if you wish, but you will have to share the prize. You may also use Google if you like. Please leave the clues in place on the trail, but when you find the gnome, bring him to the circulation desk to collect your prize.

Note: you may play the scavenger hunt each day, but there is a limit of one prize per student.

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