Get Strong for Summer with More Research Trainings!

Get Strong for Summer with More Research Trainings!

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Before you head off to your summer job, get a refresher or head start on legal research training. Both HLS Library and Lexis and Westlaw are holding training sessions on a variety of topics between now and the start of reading period.

Many of the Library courses are just 15 minutes long. For details on our April classes offered by HLS librarians, see our previous post.

Lexis and Westlaw reps are also holding classes on a variety of topics, including doing research in specific legal areas like criminal, environmental, and corporate & securities law, as well as sessions on cost effective law and how the pricing of their services works in big firms.

For more details on the Lexis and Westlaw classes and to sign up for any training sessions here, visit the HLS Library training calendar HLS Library training calendar. Last minute drop-ins are always welcome too as long as there is space in the room!

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Research Librarian & Outreach Coordinator at the HLS Library.
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