Summer Lexis & Westlaw Access

Summer Lexis & Westlaw Access

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Flip Flops by @f_shields

Got questions about using your Lexis and/or Westlaw accounts over the summer? Here are some answers from our reps.


Guidelines for Requesting Summer Access:

You may request access to using your existing Law School Student ID from June 1 to August 1, 2011 for academic purposes. Academic purposes include, but are not limited to:

  • Summer course preparation and assignments.
  • Research associated with Moot Court, Law Review, or Law Journal
  • Research associated with pursuing a grant or scholarship
  • Service as a paid or unpaid research assistant to a professor
  • An internship, externship or clinic position for school credit or graduation requirement
  • Study for the bar exam
  • Research skill improvement for educational purposes

If the guidelines above apply to your research needs during the summer, we invite you to register For Summer Access to and, new this year, daily research points.

“Academic purposes” do not include research conducted for a law firm, corporation, or other entity (other than a professor or law school) that is paying the student to conduct research, or that is passing along the cost of research to a third party. These are deemed “commercial purposes.”

For this reason, students will be restricted to a limited menu of employment sources during the period beginning June 1 and ending August 1, 2011.

If you plan to do public service work during the summer, please review and sign up for Lexis’s ASPIRE program.


Students need to sign on to Westlaw and click on the link in the big announcement at the top about needing Westlaw access for the summer.

Students may extend their access for the summer if they are working on a law review or journal, working for a professor, on a moot court project, in a summer law school class, or in a non-profit where neither the student nor the employer is getting paid for the student’s work. (Note that non-profit does not include a government office)

After May, access goes down to 10 hours in June and 10 hours in July, unless you have registered for summer access.

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Research Librarian & Outreach Coordinator at the HLS Library.
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