JSTOR Technology Update

Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 21, JSTOR will release several enhancements including an improved advanced search form and greatly enhanced article linking.

The revised JSTOR Advanced Search form will include four new fields for entering and combining full text, author, article title, abstract, and caption field search queries allowing users to more intuitively structure more precise searches.

New linking functionality will be added to article view and article information pages. In addition to already-existing links to articles in JSTOR that are referenced within a given article (“reference linking”), information about other articles in JSTOR that in-turn cite a given article (“forward linking”) will be displayed. Also displayed will be links to articles by authors with the same name as the authors of the article. To further aid in resource discovery, JSTOR will also provide “forward linking” via Google Scholar which will enable users to see if an article has been cited by others in articles not necessarily present in JSTOR. Retrospective capture of linking data is still underway for archived content in JSTOR, so the number and availability of these linking options will continue to grow over the next several months. The retrospective portion of this work is expected to be completed by the end of 2007.

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