New! Encyclopedia of Measurement and Statistics

Encyclopedia of Measurement and Statistics edited by Neil J. Salkind (2007, 3 volumes) located at Langdell Reference HA29.S2363 2007. With the increased attention to empiricism in legal scholarship, this reference work could be just what the statistically minded lawyer or law student is looking for. Presented in typical encyclopedia subject arrangement, each of the 500 entries is signed by the contributor and includes a bibliography of further reading. Volume three has a comprehensive index and master bibliography as well as several appendices including Appendix B: Internet Sites About Statistics.

Key Features

* Covers every major facet of these two different, but highly integrated disciplines—from mean, mode, and median to reliability, validity, significance, correlation, and much more—all without overwhelming the informed reader
* Offers cross-disciplinary coverage, with contributions from and applications to the fields of Psychology, Education, Sociology, Human Development, Political Science, Business and Management, Public Health, and others
* Provides cross-reference terms, further readings, and Web site URLs following most entries, as well as an extensive set of appendices and an annotated list of organizations relevant to measurement and statistics

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