Postman’s holiday?

The HLS pro bono spring break trips to New Orleans, LA and Biloxi, MS have returned back to Harvard Law. While two HLS reference librarians accompanied the trip, this photo was not taken because we couldn’t stay away from the local library. The pro bono trip to Biloxi developed, promoted and facilitated a grant application workshop for needy MS homeowners who may be entitled to hurricane relief money based on the historic significance of their homes. This well needed yet underutilized grant money, if not used in this third and final round of the application process, will be redistributed to other states. Here a member of the Biloxi team passes out flyers at the Pass Christian library. Using the four prong tact of newspaper, television, radio and local canvassing, the team effectively spread the word about the program as evidenced by the hearty turnout at the grant application workshop on Saturday, March 31.

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