The Contract Made Me Do It…

“Imus plans to sue CBS early next week for killing his radio show, invoking a contract clause that encouraged him to be controversial, his attorney, Martin Garbus, said yesterday. Garbus, a prominent First Amendment specialist, said the contract also required a written warning of unacceptable conduct — and the granting of a second chance — before Imus could be fired,” according to this Washington Post article.

The article notes that the financial stakes are high, including indirect damages in addition to the remainder of Imus’s $40 million dollar contract. The article also says that “sources knowledgeable about CBS’s approach did not rule out the possibility that the network might sue Imus for damages — even if its former star did not follow through with the threatened litigation. CBS radio stations that carried the Imus show have been scrambling for replacement programming.”
Sounds like the makings of a fun Ames fact pattern.

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