What is the Role of University in Cyberspace?

University: Knowledge Beyond Authority at Harvard Law School

University: Knowledge Beyond Authority is the theme of next week’s Internet and Society Conference 2007, presented by Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

On Friday, June 1, in Harvard Law School’s Ames Courtroom in Austin Hall, the conference will “generate questions, insight and solutions from diverse perspectives across the landscape of University, with a focus on the role of University as an institution. We seek to establish University as a collective force much like ‘Government’ or ‘Private Enterprise’ in its ability to negotiate and compromise for our needs in the digital environment.”

Internet and Society 2007 is a university-wide event that will bring together “a diverse group of scholars, students, entrepreneurs, technologists, administrators, funders, policymakers, and parties with invested interest in University. Through convergent working groups and discussions, the substance of our conversations – and their outputs – will be inputs to an ongoing conversation rather than the final word.”

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