“Term Frequency” feature now available in case law databases on Westlaw

Our Westlaw rep recently notified us that the “Term Frequency” feature — previously available on Westlaw only in news databases — is now available in case law databases and many other databases. Here are her instructions on how to use it:

“To use the Term Frequency feature, access one of these databases, type a Terms and Connectors query in the Search text box, then click Term Frequency. A list of your search terms is displayed. Use the Set Frequency drop-down lists to designate the number of times you want one or more terms to be mentioned in any retrieved document (e.g., require the phrase leading question to appear at least five times in any document you retrieve). Click OK to return to the Search page. Then click Search Westlaw to run the search.”

Lest the good people at LexisNexis accuse me of omission, I remind you that the more-or-less equivalent feature on LexisNexis is the “atleast” command.

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