The Brandeis Town Home


So, you say you’re a fan of Louis Brandeis, the HLS valedictorian of the class of 1877 who served on the U.S. Supreme Court from 1916-1939.

You’ve read Brandeis biographies by Baskerville, Todd, Gross, Strum, Paper, Urofsky, Gal, Noble, Mason, and De Haas, and you skimmed Teitelbaum’s bibliography.

You devoured Brandeis’ collections of essays edited by Pollack and by Lief.

You digested his letters to family and to Felix Frankfurter.

You thumbed through his writings on democracy, on banking, and on business.

You even perused the HLS library’s 119-box collection of Brandeis’ papers, admired his portrait hanging at north end of the Langdell Reading Room, and glanced at the catalog from our 1994 exhibit commemorating his life.

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