Judge channels Dr. Seuss in ruling

Magistrate Judge James Muirhead reached for his copy of Green Eggs and Ham after an inmate mailed him a hard-boiled egg to protest his diet at the state prison.

The inmate, serving 10 to 20 years for aggravated felonious sexual assault, has accused prison officials in Concord of refusing to feed him a kosher and medically adequate diet. In addition to the proper foods, Wolff seeks $10 million from the state. Hard-boiled eggs are among the foods Wolff says he cannot tolerate, and it was his understanding the prison would serve him eggs another way. So when Wolff was recently served hard-boiled eggs, he fired off a complaint to the federal court – with a hard-boiled egg attached. The Concord Monitor has the story here. The full opinion can be seen here.

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