FTC Decisions online

The Federal Trade Commission has digitized its decisions from 1969-2005, covering “virtually all administrative documents issued by the Commission, including Opinions, Final Orders, Complaints, and Consent Orders that result from negotiated consent agreements, as well as all Initial Decisions issued by Administrative Law Judges in administrative trial proceedings.”

The decisions are browsable by volume number and by party name, and they are also full-text searchable.

Starting in 2000, decisions include “detailed explanations — analyses to aid public comment — that the Commission issues whenever it accepts an administrative consent agreement for public comment… [published] in immediate proximity to the consent order documents they describe, in order to facilitate public access to all aspects of the Commission decision-making process.”

The FTC also plans to add its earlier decisions (1914-1968) to the site eventually. Coverage of FTC decisions on Lexis and Westlaw currently goes back to 1949.

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