A terrific guide to the U.S. presidential primaries

Five days ’til Super Tuesday.

There are plenty of guides to the U.S. presidential primaries out there on the interweb. One of the best such guides is provided by CQ (still called Congressional Quarterly by those who remember what life was like b4 evrythng got abbrev’d).

Among the highlights of CQ‘s guide are:
*Comprehensive results of the 2008 primaries that have already happened
*A calendar of all 2008 primaries that can be sorted by party, state, date, or number of delegates
*Links to related local newspaper coverage around the nation
*Historical summaries of the primaries for every presidential election since 1912
*Details on how many delegates are in each state and how those delegates are classified
*Interactive maps
*A primer explaining (among other things) what caucuses are, what “closed primary” means, and what delegates do (and what the difference is between pledged, district-level, at-large, and PLEO delegates)

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