Big Thinking on Truth and Justice is a new website, currently in beta, with a mission to “move discussion away from talking heads and talking points, and give it back to you.”

According to BigThink, the site provides access to

hundreds of hours of direct, unfiltered interviews with todays leading thinkers, movers and shakers. You can search them by question or by topic, and, best of all, respond in kind. Upload a video in which you take on Senator Ted Kennedy’s views on immigration; post a slideshow of your trip to China that supports David Dollar’s assertion that pollution in China is a major threat; or answer with plain old fashioned text. You can respond to the interviewee, respond to a responder or heck, throw your own question or idea into the ring.

Big Think’s site is divided into seventeen major categories – some designated “meta” and others “physical.” Included in the “meta” division is a category on “Truth and Justice” currently featuring videos of such leading lights as Supreme Court Justice Breyer, HLS’s own Professor Alan Dershowitz, Professor Stephen Carter of Yale Law School, and Judge Richard Posner of the Seventh Circuit.

Let us know what you (big) think…

(Hat tip: Terry Martin)

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