Information Searches and Libraries

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has released a new report, Information Searches That Solve Problems.

From the press release you get: In a national phone survey, respondents were asked whether they had encountered 10 possible problems in the previous two years, all of which had a potential connection to the government or government-provided information. Those who had dealt with the problems were asked where they went for help and the internet topped the list:

# 58% of those who had recently experienced one of those problems said they used the internet (at home, work, a public library or some other place) to get help.
# 53% said they turned to professionals such as doctors, lawyers or financial experts.
# 45% said they sought out friends and family members for advice and help.
# 36% said they consulted newspapers and magazines.
# 34% said they directly contacted a government office or agency.
# 16% said they consulted television and radio.
# 13% said they went to the public library.

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