Slate’s New Law Blog

Got room for one more RSS feed? “Convictions” is a new blog on legal topics sponsored by Slate, the online magazine.

According to Slate’s press release, the blog aims to “post immediate reactions to legal cases and headlines,” and offer “an accessible source for legal discourse from a wide-range of qualified experts.”

The all-star cast of bloggers includes HLS’s own David Barron and Boston-based federal district judge Nancy Gertner. Other bloggers reportedly include Slate writers Dahlia Lithwick, Phil Carter, and Emily Bazelon, journalists Ben Wittes and Rosa Brooks, Deb Perlstein of Human Rights First, Professors Viet Dinh and Marty Lederman of Georgetown Law, Doug Kmiec from Pepperdine Law, Jack Balkin and Kenji Yoshino form Yale, Eric Posner of Univ. of Chicago Law, Richard Ford of Stanford, former acting Solicitor General Walter Dellinger of Duke, Diane Amann of Boalt Hall, Dawn Johnsen of Indiana, Orin Kerr of GW, Tim Wu of Columbia, former public defender David Feige of Seton Hall and law firm associate Adam J. White. Right now, posts seem to be focused on Heller, but the range of topics seems to be wide open – and based on the bloggers involved, discussion should remain lively. Warning: At least some of the posts seem to be culled from other blogs, so you may experience a moment or two of deja vu.

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