852: Rare – HLS Catalogs: Course listings and more!

image Special Collections is pleased to announce the digitization of the library’s collection of course catalogs. An ongoing project, the digitization of the catalogs from 1835/36–1868/69 and 1970/71-2005/06 is complete and the images are available online through the HOLLIS catalog.

The Law School’s collection of catalogs dates from 1835/1836 – a time when there were only two members of the faculty (Joseph Story and Simon Greenleaf) and 52 students. Many of the changes at the school that occurred over the next 170 years are documented in the catalogs. Offering information on faculty, courses, policies, and student lists, the catalogs are a rich source of information for researchers interested in anything from genealogy to the history of Harvard Law School and legal education. In addition, catalogs printed from 1970/1971–2005/06 showcase portraits from the School’s Art Collection on the cover, and many of the catalogs printed between 1878 and 1970 have maps featuring the campus and surrounding areas in Cambridge – a useful tool to follow physical changes to the university and city.

Due to the fact the catalog has gone through three name changes since 1835, the catalogs are accessible through three different HOLLIS records.

A catalogue of the Law School in Harvard University (1835/36–1868/69): HOLLIS 11365376

The Law School of Harvard University (1878/89–1970/71): HOLLIS 374288

Harvard Law School Catalog (1970/71–2005/06): HOLLIS 374287

Beginning in the academic year 2006/2007, the course catalog is only available online through the Law School’s website.

Much credit for this project goes to Senior Serials Cataloger Sandra Hopkins and Special Collections Access Services Coordinator Lesley Schoenfeld who researched the Law School’s holdings and corrected often confusing catalog records. Completed and ongoing imaging services are supplied by the Harvard College Library’s Digital Imaging Group.

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