Update on the Oregon Revised Statutes CopyFight

From BoingBoing comes the news that the dispute we blogged about last month between Oregon and would-be net publishers (or, as they call themselves, “archivists”) Justia and Public.Resource.Org continues. Oregon insists on its copyright, and has offered the publishers a “public license.” To no avail – BoingBoing quotes Karl Olson of the firm Levy, Ram & Olson LLP, Attorneys, as responding that

My clients respectfully cannot agree to the Public License. First, and most fundamentally, it would require them to acknowledge that portions of the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) are protected by copyright, and they respectfully but vigorously disagree that portions of the ORS are protected by copyright.

Read the attorney’s letter in full.

William Patry, (senior copyright counsel for Google – so perhaps with his own agenda) offers this delightfully-titled analysis “Oregon goes wacka wacka huna kuna” on his blog.

Hat tip: WisBlawg

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