Take Heart: You Already Know More Than Most Lawyers About At Least One Thing

Look at you… you’re reading a blog! And you can feel extra good (as you while away the minutes) knowing that, according to the ABA, you are ahead of most lawyers in your adoption of Web 2.0 technology!

According to this ABA Journal article, a recent survey of about 850 lawyers nationwide shows that very few lawyers have adopted Web 2.0 technologies such as blogs and wikis. Isn’t it nice to know you’re on the forefront? And now that you’re an Et Seq reader, why stop here? The ABA website has this handy topical directory of law blogs (“blawgs”). Harvard students can also find some cool blogs by checking out the InfoAdvantage pages in your course sites, where we’ve selected blogs related to virtually every topic taught at HLS.

But do avoid being overwhelmed by blog-monitoring. My advice for new law students: pick one or two on subjects that interest you, subscribe (via RSS feed…it’s easy!) and you’ll find it a painless way to learn more about the topic. Plus, with the right blog, you’ll have fascinating tidbits to toss out at social events and erudite factoids to feed to your relatives when they ask you what you’ve actually learned about the law. Before you know it, you may even find yourself contributing comments, or starting your own blog.

Bonus: search blogs for information on a topic (or to see who’s talking about you) with Google Blogs. You can even set up alerts on the results page.
HT: Bonnie Shucha at WisBlawg.

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