Google Archives Old Newspapers


Last week, Google announced an ambitious project to “make more old newspapers accessible and searchable online by partnering with newspaper publishers to digitize millions of pages of news archives.”

”Not only will you be able to search these newspapers, you’ll also be able to browse through them exactly as they were printed — photographs, headlines, articles, advertisements and all.” In theory, this source could be a goldmine for subciters looking for a newspaper article in pdf format.

Of course, the service is still in its infancy, and after conducting a few random searches, I noticed that the search results are made up of some pdfs but mostly text files and abstracts of articles that can only be viewed by paying a fee. But the idea of having pdfs of virtually every major newspaper ever published is welcome news, and I’m sure that it will happen sometime in the near future. Right?

You can access the news archive here.

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