Three’s a Crowd or: There Can Be Only One


Today, Google announced their own web browser to compete with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox. Chrome, the latest product by our Lord and Savior Google, will try to accomplish what Netscape, Safari, Opera, and Firefox have all failed to do, which is to overtake Microsoft’s IE as the world’s most widely used web browser. Never mind that Microsoft previously used devious tactics to overthrow past king Netscape to retain web dominance. This time, Google Chrome has come prepared with cool features like Crash Control, Incognito Mode, and Safe Browsing. Intrigued? Then drink the Kool-Aid here.

1 thought on “Three’s a Crowd or: There Can Be Only One”

  1. Google Chrome has already been downloaded over 18 million times. It’s already passed my browser of choice, Opera. Who’s next? I think they’re coming for you, Firefox.

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