Abracadabra: BlueBook Blues No More.


Have you ever wished that you could quickly create a BlueBook citation from Westlaw with the click of a button? Well now you can, sort of. First, you need Westlaw (duh!). Second, you need Firefox. Third, you need CiteGenie, a Firefox plugin that adds a pinpoint citation to the text you copy and paste. Want to learn more? Then check out this review of CiteGenie on LLRX.

Some CiteGenie highlights:
• Copies text from Westlaw.com with pinpoint citations for federal and state caselaw, with proper formatting
• Gives proper Bluebook citations for all state and federal jurisdictions, including states with non-standard citation formats (LA|Maine|Miss|Mont|Okla|N.M.|N.D.|S.D.|Utah|Vt|Wis|Wyo)
• Support for most statutes, regulations, and other source in Westlaw

Hat tip: beSpacific
CiteGenie FAQ

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