Psst…need a cheap credit card for the holidays?

In the thriving internet underground economy, a credit card with CVV2 number will cost you between 10¢ and $25, even cheaper if you buy in bulk.

As detailed in Symantec’s Report on the Underground Economy released today, credit card information is the most advertised category of goods and services. Symantec calculates the potential worth of all credit cards advertised during the reporting period, July 2007 through June 2008, to be $5.3 billion based on an average observed credit limit of more than $4,000 per stolen credit card. The report notes, “The underground economy has matured into a global market with the same supply and demand pressures and responses of any other economy. There are a great many servers and channels available to advertisers to market their wares, which they do, and often.” For more information see C|Net News and the Symantec Press Release.

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