Financial Crisis resources

On a more serious note, here are three good resources about the current financial crisis:

First, the staff at the Chicago-Kent College of Law Library have prepared a 2008 Financial Crisis Primer, a bibliography of books, articles, and videos for learning about the people, institutions, and instruments involved, as well as background reading and guides to the bailout and regulations. Despite the complexity of the situation, the quantity of information linked to is not overwhelming, and it looks like a good place to start for those interested in acquiring a stronger understanding of where we’re at and how we got here.

Second, Abstracked points us to Findlaw’s Financial Crisis page. While it contains many resources for consumers, it also has links to primary resources and legal commentary, as well as relevant news feeds and a glossary of financial terms.

And a third resource, just announced on law-lib: Fordham Law Library is collecting documents relating to the crisis at their 2008 Financial Crisis page. They’ve rounded up a nice history of the Emergency Economic Stability Act of 2008–bill texts along with related testimony and hearings, and documents concerning the Troubled Asset Relief Program that EESA establishes. They also have a collection of links to materials concerning A.I.G., the proposed auto industry bailout, and the recent G-20 summit.

Photo by Chris John Beckett

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