Congressional Research Service reports

You could think of the Congressional Research Service as Congress’ RAs, and the reports that they publish are almost always very insightful and informative. However, these reports, despite being publicly funded, are often not readily available to the public.

In response to this, a handful of entities such as Open CRS gather some of the reports online. Among the many recent reports gathered at Open CRS is a particularly interesting and timely one about issues of concern to Congress regarding Cuba.

Open CRS also advocates for Congress to make all CRS reports freely and easily available. And Congress has taken notice. At the end of 2007, a bipartisan Senate Resolution on the matter was sent to the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, and last month, resolution sponsor Joe Lieberman informed the Committee that he intends to continue to pursue this task in the current Congress.

Meanwhile, you can access thousands of CRS reports from 1993-present through Harvard’s subscription to LexisNexis Congressional.

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