SDC Platinum Users (and Would-Be Users) Take Note

SDC Platinum recently changed servers; thus, SDC users must now upgrade and reconfigure their software. For new software installation information, visit:

For the uninitiated: SDC provides a vast amount of data on, among other things, new issues, mergers and acquisitions, syndicated loans, and private equity firms. Data sets vary on dates and countries, but there is certainly plenty to explore.

For example, using data available on SDC, scholars could (1) determine the market impact of M&A termination fees; (2) find the optimal level of venture capital control over a portfolio company; and (3) examine the impact of market share repurchase activity for UK firms.

To learn more about how to harness the awesomeness of SDC, check out the HBS library SDC Platinum Guide; includes database descriptions and search tips. For further assistance, please email: Lisa Junghahn, [email protected]

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