Google Book Settlement : Latest Developments

Here’s a nice piece from Peter Osnos of the Century Foundation, on the latest developments in the Google Book Settlement.

Among the highlights, Osnos notes that

On Tuesday afternoon, the parties in the settlement asked the court to postpone the hearing because, they said, the deal will have to be amended. Over time, Google had already made a number of concessions that provide privacy protections to users, access to digitized works by competitors such as Amazon, and accommodating differences between European and American copyright practices. Given Justice’s continuing opposition, the signatories clearly decided they needed to do more. In any case, the most determined opponents to the agreement are adamant that it should be rejected outright.

He also gives a shout out to Bob Darnton, Carl H. Pforzheimer University Professor and Director of the Harvard University Library, and recommends his forthcoming book: The Case For Books: Past, Present, and Future, a “collection of his writing that includes some cautionary reflections on the Google deal.” Hat tip to Matt Storin for the link.

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