Updates from Our Friends Opening Up Government Information

You may recall our posting asking you to join our Stanford law librarian colleagues’ Improve PACER petition. Erika Wayne recently presented the petition to the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, joined by Georgetown Law Librarian Kumar Jayasuriya and former HLS Library Director and current HLS faculty member Terry Martin. See the Legal Research Plus blog for her remarks about the trip. You can also read Erika’s op-ed in the National Law Journal. For those of you who have not signed the petition, you can still do so and make a difference at Improve PACER. Anyone who cares about government information is encouraged to sign!

Also in D.C. last week, the Government 2.0 Summit and Expo Showcase had many interesting presentations, including some from friends mentioned on this blog, such as Carl Malamud’s By the People and former Berkman fellow Steve Schultze’s Crowdsourcing Federal Court Transparency(discussing the RECAP project.) You can also find a link to Steve’s new working paper on PACER on his blog.

Carl Malamud (Public.Resource.Org, Inc.), “By the People…” at Gov 2.0 Summit

Steve Schultze discussing RECAP at the Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase.

The Gov 2.0 Summit and Expo Showcase websites have a wealth of information from the summit, including presentation files and links to videos from the meeting. A collection of videos from the meeting appears on BlipTV.

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