A New Online Journal-Jot It Down!

Michael Froomkin of the University of Miami School of Law has launched a new online journal called Jotwell, where academics and practitioners will comment on recent scholarship. According to the website:

“Jotwell is a cross between a law review and a blog: like a blog we invite your comments, and hope that some of our reviews will spark a conversation. Unlike a blog, however, on the Jotwell main page you should expect new content only once or twice a week, although as we add more sections contributions may become more frequent. The subject-specific sections may have new content only once a month, although some will be more active. In any case, every time a new review appears in any of the subject-specific sections, an excerpt with a link to the full text will also appear on our front page at http://www.jotwell.com.”

The website has sections on Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Corporate Law, Cyberlaw, Intellectual Property Law, Legal Profession and Tax Law.

Hat tip, Persuasive Authorities.

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