Succeed this Summer!

Ready, Set, Go: Preparing for Summer Success!

Preparing for Summer Success will be held on Friday, April 9 from 3:00 to 6:30 pm.

Hit the ground running as you begin your summer or permanent job. Whether you are entering the public or private sector, employers are operating with fewer resources than ever with a constant eye on results. Find out how to prepare for your job through this substantive and informative program.

Students will have the opportunity to select up to three sessions offering practical tips on efficient legal research strategies in a variety of areas and offer other concrete strategies for success on the job including how to tackle a new assignment, interact with supervisors, obtaining constructive feedback and how to gain the most from your job opportunity.

For registration and other information:

Cosponsored by the HLS Library, the Program on the Legal Profession, OPIA and OCS.

Send questions to Lisa Junghahn at: [email protected]

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