And the award goes to…

We generally see a lot of awards honoring films, music, etc. this time of the year, but did you also know it is also time for the journal “Green Bag” to announce its honorees for Exemplary Legal Writing in 2010? It has announced this year’s honorees on its website and it includes Dean Minow’s In Brown’s Wake. Honorees will be featured and sampled in its forthcoming 2011 “Almanac and Reader” which should eventually be available in our library collection. This enteraining (and sometimes irreverant) journal is serious about its scholarship and being voted on the list by its impressive Board of Advisers is quite an honor.

Check In Brown’s Wake out of the library and catch the video of September panel discussion of the book that kicked off our faculty book event series.

Hat tip to the BLT: The Blog of the Legal Times.

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