ILJ on Opinio Juris

The blog Opinio Juris is hosting an online symposium for Harvard International Law Journal. They list the schedule as follows:

On Monday, Stavros Gadinis and Eric Pan will respond to Pierre-Hugues Verdier’s article, Mutual Recognition in International Finance

On Tuesday, Samuel Issacharoff will respond to David Schleicher’s article, What if Europe Held an Election and No One Cared?

On Wednesday, our own Kevin Jon Heller will respond to Gabriella Blum’s article, On a Differential Law of War

On Thursday, Zen Shishido will respond to John Armour, Jack B. Jacobs & Curtis J. Milhaupt’s article, The Evolution of Hostile Takeover Regimes in Developed and Emerging Markets: An Analytical Framework

And on Friday, Robert Ahdieh will respond to Anu Bradford & Eric A. Posner’s article, Universal Exceptionalism in International Law

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