Meet the Harvard Law School Library’s Therapy Liger

Closely following the Yale Law School Library’s therapy dog program where Yale Law Students can rent a dog for several hours to counter stress, the Harvard Law School Library is announcing a similar program in which Harvard Law Students can borrow Harry the Harvard Law School Library Therapy Liger.

Flickr photo by aliwest44

Harvard Law School research librarian Calvin A. Tompkins runs the new program and explains, “We were excited to hear about Yale’s wonderful program that allows students to rent a dog to relieve stress. We knew that Harvard had to get in on the action. But we thought that dogs were a bit passé, you know, twentieth century, so we thought that we should do something different. We decided to go big and exotic.”

Harry the Harvard Law School Library Therapy Liger weighs six-hundred pounds and measures seven feet in length. “We’ve had Harry locked up in the basement with the catalogers for the past month, because we wanted to surprise the students during finals. But students have been complaining about strange noises emanating from the basement. So you can say that the cat’s out of the bag.”

And when can Harvard Law Students start borrowing Harry the Harvard Law School Library Therapy Liger? Tompkins responds, “As soon as someone tracks down our Liger trainer and cataloger Doug Godfrey. He went missing two days ago, but I’ve heard that he’s been busy cataloging a stack of books that recently arrived.”

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