852 RARE: The Weekly Special – A T-Shirt is Worth a Thousand Words

Collecting material that documents the life of the Law School is part of the daily work of Historical & Special Collections staff. These documents represent work created by people involved in the day to day operation and life of the school. This material can include anything from faculty publications, student papers, to application materials produced by the Admissions Office. To date, most of our collections are print based.  However, the Art & Visuals collection also includes many items that document the history of school, though in a much more visual way.

A good example of this is the recent acquisition of a t-shirt made in honor of Dean Elena Kagan in 2007. The shirt was worn at an event sponsored by student organizations as a way of showing their appreciation for her many initiatives as Dean.  The shirt speaks volumes about students’ feelings regarding Dean Kagan and as such provides valuable evidence of the relationship between students and school administration during an important era in the Law School’s history.

A 100% cotton expression of admiration from HLS students to Dean Kagan
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