852 RARE: The Weekly Special – HLSL’s Nuremberg Trials Project Grows

Justice Robert H. Jackson delivers his opening statement at the Nuremberg Trials, 1945 November 22. olvgroup12379.

The Harvard Law School Library’s Historical & Special Collections is a repository for many manuscripts collections relating to the Nuremberg Military Tribunals.  You can find the finding aids for the personal papers of several prosecutors from the trials, such as Leonard Wheeler, Jr, Belle Mayer Zeck, and Joseph M. Stone in OASIS.  However, perhaps most impressively, the library holds approximately one million pages of documents relating to the trial of military and political leaders of Nazi Germany before the International Military Tribunal (IMT) and to the twelve trials of other accused war criminals before the United States Nuremberg Military Tribunals (NMT).

In 2003, the library undertook the task of digitizing the records from all twelve trials and launched the Nuremberg Trials Project by presenting documents from and relating to the Medical Case, which was Case 1 of the NMT trials. The Medical Case (U.S.A. v. Karl Brandt et al., also known as the Doctors’ Trial) was held in 1946-1947 and involved 23 defendants accused of organizing and participating in war crimes and crimes against humanity in the form of harmful or fatal medical experiments and other medical procedures inflicted on both civilians and prisoners of war.

Now, the library is pleased to present the digitized documents from trials two and four, as well.  NMT 2 (U.S.A. v. Erhard Milch) took place in 1946-1947. Milch was indicted on counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The prosecution presented 161 written exhibits and 3 witnesses. The defense presented 51 written exhibits, 30 witnesses, and testimony by Milch himself. NMT 4 (U.S.A. v. Pohl et al.) took place in 1947. Chief of the SS Economic and Administrative Main Office (Wirtschafts und Verwaltungshauptant, WVHA), Oswald Pohl and seventeen other WVHA official were charged with conspiracy to commit war crimes, crimes against humanity, and membership in a criminal organization. The crimes occurred between 1942 and 1945 in WVHA-managed concentration camps and labor camps of the SS, where up to 10,000,000 individuals were imprisoned.

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