852 Rare: the Weekly Special – The Lightness of Beeing

Proceedings of the City Council of the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, January 1, 1900-January 1, 1901, vol. 21.


Even the dullest looking books can have a secret bit of humor, and this volume of the record of the Minneapolis City Council serves as a case in point.  It was a part of a large digital project for US municipal codes, perhaps not reading material known for comedy.  The book has a somber binding of black leather on the spine and corners, with black book cloth on the boards, also not particularly comic.  However, the spine eventually broke, and fell off; leaving revealed a menacing gang of bees in full view.  Book binders are a thrifty lot, and when a book spine needs lining material, a binder will reach for whatever comes to hand.  In this case, it would appear that there were some left over end papers for a children’s book, or waste copies of some old political cartoon/satire,  lying in the shop within arm’s reach when the moment came.

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