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Newspaper Map LogoInterested in finding out the latest news in Lithuania?  Or are you more interested in seeing a selection of online newspapers from Iceland?  Either way, Newspaper Map can help.

Newspaper Map is a website that offers access to over 10,000 online newspapers from around the world.  Newspapers are shown as pins on a map of the world representing where they are published.  Users can click on any pin to get information on a newspaper, including title, publication location, language, and thumbnail of the website.  The service also translates each newspaper into a host of languages with a single click using Google Translate and makes it easy to share newspapers using Facebook or another social media applications.  The website is always being updated and users can even contribute corrections or information about additional newspapers on the organization’s website.

In case all of this isn’t impressive enough, the website also offers search functionality and access to a selection of historical newspapers as well.  And, they are currently rolling out a Beta version of their mobile application.

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  1. Would you be so kind as to add Canada’s FIRST Internet Newspaper to your database?

    Thank You

    Dave Chesney
    White Rock SUn

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