New Apps for Court Watchers

If you’re a Supreme Court watcher, the Oyez Project has two new apps for you–both available for iOS and Android OS:

Oyez logoOyezToday tracks the current business of the U.S. Supreme Court in the form of abstracts in all cases granted review. We share SCOTUS audio in a searchable format linked to transcripts. With a simple flip and tap, It is possible to identify and create clips of segments or turns to share and repurpose. We also make written opinions available shortly after release. This means that you needn’t be tethered to a computer to read the latest decisions. We will transcribe and add opinion announcements from the 2010 Term shortly after the Court releases them to the National Archives in October. The iPad version of this app offers additional features for note-taking and highlighting. We will retain and share all of the 2010 Term content as we transition to the 2011 Term on October 3.

PocketJustice focuses on the Supreme Court’s constitutional jurisprudence regardless of Term. The free version provides abstracts, voting data, searchable arguments+transcripts, and opinions in the top 100 most frequently employed cases found in con law casebooks. The FULL version of the app covers the entire corpus of 600+ cases we identified through a survey of major con law casebooks. The FULL versions on iPhone and Android cost less than two lattes. The iPad version is a few bucks more but offers more functionality. All income supports the Oyez Project.

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