Bloomberg Law now at Harvard Law

Bloomberg Law (B-Law) is here to compete with information providers like West & Lexis.

B-Law is easy to navigate, and contains US primary laws, many foreign laws, docket materials, news articles, proprietary research reports, SEC filings, and an amazing set of model forms and contracts, among other resources!

Register for a B-Law account & sign-up for training on October 20 at 2:00 pm, 3:00 pm or 4:00 pm.

To know if you are eligible for an account, read the B-Law policy.

This librarian uses B-Law to read the NY Times. Here’s how.

Log in to B-Law.  Click on the News tab within the orange bar at the top of the screen. Choose from the News options “Advanced Search.” This will open the advanced search page for Bloomberg News and 30,000 other news wires, including the New York Times.

In the Sources section, type in “New York Times” and choose that source from the dropdown menu that appears. At the bottom left of the search box, click on the blue “Set Up Alert” button. Give the search a name, such as “My Daily NYT Articles,” and click the green Save button.

Under the News tab, within the Saved News Searches section, a personalized newspaper will appear providing the latest articles from the New York Times.

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