Study Break: A night at the movies

At this time of year,  I’m reminded of some good advice from my contracts professor.

Put down your outlines, study guides, practice tests and laptops.

Take a break.

Watch a movie.

The Library has a collection of movies available for 7 day check-out. Browse the shelves in the Lemann lounge or search HOLLIS for a favorite title. If the Law School Library doesn’t have it, more movies are available from Widener and Lamont.

Not sure what to watch?  Escape into Hollywood’s idea of the Harvard Law School…

Try the Paper Chase, the classic 1970’s drama about a 1L at Harvard Law School.

Watch the Paper Chase Trailer

Legally Blonde poster

or compare current classroom fashions to Elle’s in

Watch the Legally Blonde Trailer

Pick a movie to match your classes…

Trial Advocacy Workshop: To Kill a Mockingbird

Torts: A Civil Action

Evidence: Witness for the Prosecution

Sports and Law: Jerry Maguire

Water Law: Chinatown

Contracts: The Devil and Daniel Webster

Property: Pride and Prejudice ( the 2005 or 1940 versions only – save the BBC miniseries for after exams!)

Family Law: Kramer v. Kramer

Constitutional Law: First Amendment: The People vs. Larry Flynt

Criminal Investigations: Police Practices: LA Confidential

Securities Regulation: Wall Street

Or pick a classic…

The ABA has compiled a list of the top 25 legal movies of all time (plus 25 runners up).

The American Film Institute has also compiled a list of the top 10 courtroom dramas.

Best of luck on all of your exams!

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