Introducing Two New E-Resources – Juta Law & Hukuk Türk

The law school recently purchased access to two new foreign law e-resources, Juta Law and Hukuk Türk. Juta Law covers both South Africa and Zimbabwe. For South African legal research, it includes the country’s Law Reports from 1947 to the present and Appellate Division Reports from 1910 to the present and also offers access to statutes and regulations. For Zimbabwe, it includes access to both case law and statutes. Hukuk Türk is a Turkish legal database with a range of legal resources including annotated case law, statutes, regulations, and decrees. In addition to these primary resources, it also provides access to an extensive legal bibliography of both books and articles from 1930 to 2000 (with additional items published more recently being added all the time) as well as Turkish legal news and a legal dictionary. All resources are provided in the original Turkish. Both of these resources can be accessed both on and off campus by current law school affiliates.

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