Who needs Blockbuster when you’ve got the HLS Library?

Ahhh, Blockbuster. Driving to a video store. Hoping the new releases weren’t all checked out. Hanging out by the check out in hopes that someone would drop off one of those hot new releases. The good old days.

Yes, we know, that’s all changed. Everything streams through Netflix or Amazon or Hulu…but if it doesn’t, then you’re stuck waiting at the mailbox.

Wait no more! If you need a movie for the weekend or a study break, check out a movie from the HLS Library movie collection. Though small, it covers classics old and new (Citizen Kane! The Big Lebowski!), legal titles both fiction and non- (Inherit the Wind, The Nuremberg Trials), The West Wing, and plenty of comedies to take your mind off studying (Better Off Dead, Knocked Up, Zoolander…)

Not sure what you’re in the mood for? We now have a site on GuruLib where you can visually browse our collection before heading to the Lemann Lounge. And good news: coming soon to a library near you are 100 more titles, including many recent award winners and a strong selection of foreign titles! We’ll let you know when they arrive.

Thanks to ILL Coordinator And Borrowing Assistant Jess Rios for putting the GuruLib together!

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