Harvard at the Summer Olympics

The HLS Library has created a whimsical visual narrative to celebrate the Olympics.

Highlights of the display include statistics on the several Harvard graduates competing in the Summer 2012 games.  Stop by to learn more about our athletic alumni!

And in law news, there is a place for HLS graduates near the medals podium. For example, lawyers are an important part of advising the Olympic governing body:  International Olympic Committee (IOC).  The IOC oversees compliance with the Olympic Charter, among other important regulatory work.

Lawyers are also necessary to help advocate on behalf of Olympic athletes when controversies arise.  One  example includes the ongoing discussions over whether women with excess testosterone have a competitive edge, and should therefore undergo medical therapy.  Sound unfair?  Learn more about the emerging IOC policy on what makes men men and women women.

Check out the HLS Olympics display-case near the library entrance (Areeda side).

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