Corporate Governance Research

The 2013 proxy season is here!

This is the time when US public companies hold annual shareholder meetings.  These meetings give shareholders the opportunity to push corporate boards and managers to action (or at least disclosure).

This season, shareholders are pursuing governance issues like:

  • executive compensation
  • political campaign contributions
  • climate impact (frackers beware)

Here are some useful resources for learning more about corporate governance!

Practice Guides

Principles of Corporate Governance: Analysis & Recommendations (West)

Corporate Governance: Law & Practice (Lexis)

Corporate Governance (cross-country comparative) (HUID)

Corporate Governance Report (daily updates on industry) (Bloomberg-BNA)

Law Firm Memos

Memos are a great resource for learning about SEC regulations and legal practices. For an efficient search, use Knowledge Mosaic.


HLS Forum on Corporate Governance & Financial Regulation

Davis Polk Briefing: Governance


Company charters, bylaws & shareholder rights plans

Analysis on merger deals, including on poison pills

Data Sources

Corporate Library
Corporate governance, board and compensation information

Tracks executive compensation in S&P 1000 firms

Further Research Guidance

Ask Questions

HLS Research Consult

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