Love Animals? Check out our new research guide on Animal Law!


Tookie - currently available for adoption through the ARL of Boston, and being fostered by Terri Saint-Amour, ARL Volunteer and Law Librarian
Tookie is available for adoption through the Animal Rescue League of Boston. He is being fostered by Terri Saint-Amour.

Just take a look at the sweet, adorable face to the left and fall in love. That’s what Terri Saint-Amour, law librarian at Harvard Law Library has done, by agreeing to foster him on behalf of the Animal Rescue League of Boston.  Being an avid animal lover and a volunteer with the Animal Rescue League, she decided to put together a legal research guide on Animal Law. Included in the guide are links to state and national organizations dedicated to advancing the law as it pertains to animals, as well as state and federal laws, international agreements, GAO reports and more! There are even a few cute videos in case you are a law student reading this post, and need some stress relief.

By the way, in case you have also fallen in love with the gorgeous cat known as Tookie, here’s more information about him, written by another volunteer from the Animal Rescue League.  If you ask any of her fellow reference colleagues, they’ll tell you how happy she is to talk about him, or any of the other animals she works with on a weekly basis. For more information on adopting an animal from the Animal Rescue League, please see their website, and Like them on Facebook! They have additional locations in Dedham, MA, and Brewster, MA.




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