Improve Your Presentation Skills with Our New Presentation Tools LibGuide

Whether you are creating a presentation for an assignment, to teach a class or to speak at a conference, it can be difficult to design slides that will keep your audience engaged. As with so many things, a lot of this comes down to finding the right tool for the job, but frequently people fall back on the same basic techniques for every presentation. If you’re interested in trying a new tool, learning a new technique or improving your skills with your go-to presentation tool, our new Presentation Tools guide has resources for you!

In the guide, you’ll learn about PowerPoint alternatives, find apps that allow you to present from (or even create slides on) your tablet, or find the latest tools for sharing your slides with your audience. The guide even includes resources for finding Creative Commons-licensed content to include in your presentation and tips on how to make your presentation more dynamic, engaging and fun! To learn more about any of the tools included in the guide, click on it in the word cloud below.

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