Star Trek, Law & Politics – A Round Up of Resources

Image by JD Hancock. CC BY 2.0.

With the new Star Trek movie opening today, we have collected a list of resources that are perfect for those of you who are both legal geeks and Trekkies. And, even if you are only one of the above, these resources provide some interesting information about the franchise that spawned what is sure to be one of the biggest movies of the summer.

Online Sources


Law Review Articles

I hope you have enjoyed this brief foray into the Star Trek’s connection to law and politics. If you are craving still more legal readings related to Star Trek, I would recommend searching out the large number of law review articles that discuss the copyright implications of Star Trek fan fiction and other fan works for some interesting thoughts on the boundaries of copyright. And, if you are someone who still prefers to use books to conduct legal research, you might enjoy the clip below:

Finally, if you are a fan of the original Star Trek series, be sure to check out the Star Trek scriptwriter’s guide recently purchased by Harvard’s own Houghton Library (which you may have recently seen on Slate’s Vault blog).

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