Washington Post Launches Soft Paywall (get your news at HLS!)

On June 12, The Washington Post will begin phasing in a metered subscription model.

For the next few months, readers will be able to browse The Post homepage and watch videos.  In addition, readers who come to The Post through search engines or shared links will be able to access the linked page regardless of the number of articles previously viewed.

HLS students and faculty have alternatives for accessing Post articles – in Factiva, Westlaw and Lexis.

To browse the current day news in Factiva, select News Pages at the top left.  Then select Group Pages from the drop-down.  Headlines from the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, and Washington Post will appear on the right side.  Scroll down to The Post, and then use the drop-down to browse by specific sections.

The Post is also available in Westlaw.  Follow the link, login, and begin browsing the latest headlines; or, search by keywords and other factors at the Advanced Search.  For Post content in LexisNexis Academic, follow the link, login (HUID & PIN), and begin searching!

For Post articles from 1887 to 1996, use Proquest Historical Newspapers:  The Washington Post.

For further research or library guidance, Ask us anything anytime: http://asklib.law.harvard.edu/


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