Harvard Law School Library Staff Organizes Book Drive

During June, the Harvard Law School library staff (and friends) collected 45 new books for donation!

The book drive was organizbook driveed by library staff member Lori Shulsinger, who said:  Randomly, several weeks ago, I was thinking about one of my favorite books from when I was just learning to read.  It was The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton.  It got me to thinking that maybe another child might like this book, so why not try and get some books for new readers?  After reaching out to a number of organizations, The Home for Little Wanderers said it would be excited to receive new book donations.

The book drive was great fun!  Library staff could reminisce about books and share some of our favorites with the children (old and young) of The Home for Little Wanderers, an organization whose mission is to ensure the healthy behavioral, emotional, social and educational development and physical well-being of children and families living in at-risk circumstances.

And, in a small way, the book drive falls under the last part of the Harvard Law School Library Mission “to build[] a diverse community and to provid[e] opportunities for staff to learn from each other and from external sources and to collaborate both across the organization and with other institutions.”

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