App of the Month: LinkedIn

LinkedIn LogoAs summer jobs end and the Early Interview Program begins, it seems like a good time to consider tools for keeping up with those that you meet through your classes, interviews, jobs and other professional activities. Whether you are given a business card at a networking event or want to keep in touch with your supervisor at an internship, one good tool for organizing and maintaining a list of your professional contacts is LinkedIn.

Primarily known as a browser-based tool, LinkedIn also offers apps for iOSAndroid, Windows and Blackberry devices, meaning that you can easily add information and connect with those in your professional network while you are on the go. All of these applications aim to bring the most important and frequently used features to the forefront of the user experience. The app highlights your own profile and account, updates from your network and other LinkedIn users and messages that you have received. It also has an user-friendly search feature that makes it quick to look up those that you are already connected to as well as those that you would like to connect with in the future. For anyone who is a frequent mobile device user or who wants to be able to use LinkedIn on the go, download one of these apps. And, if you are interested in learning more about using LinkedIn, watch for our upcoming class on the topic this fall.

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